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Full moon over fecundity, Market offerings, Farm Happenings

Full moon over fecundity, market offerings and farm happenings

Farm News

The bucks’ raisôn d’ètre has finally arrived, coinciding with the rise of the full harvest moon. After weeks of fencing and barn clean outs, the boys (Lentil, Rik and Zircon are in the lucky first tier of breeding bucks) made the trek from their summer palace (aka barn) on our “South Farm” to meet their betrothed. There was a determined spring in their steps as they set out on the path to the north. Guided by their noses and the pheromone sensors in their lips, they barely nibbled on the lush alfalfa pasture under foot. They had an uncanny familiarity with the path, even though they had only traveled it once before. With determination and instinct, they knew what they were headed toward.

Each buck has a group of 14-20 does. Lentil’s group has taken over the orchard, Rik’s group has claimed the pasture and Zircon’s group has the restored prairie. The boys wasted no time in finding the does in heat. Within two days, many of the does have the tell-tale colored mark on their backsides left from the crayon attached to a harness on the buck’s chest. The does are excited to browse in their new pastures, while the jealous bucks hover around the latest doe in heat. An old wives tale says that mating under a full moon brings daughters. Erica, our herd manager, can already feel it in the air—2021 is going to be a doeling year!

Fundraiser time is here! We support several regional organizations who do amazing work to protect our environment and grow our local food economy. I’d like to bring your attention to a couple of upcoming virtual fundraisers:

Illinois Stewardship Alliance’s “The Dish” is a “Moth” style story slam event this Sunday, October 4th at 7:00 pm. There will be several farmers (including me!!) telling stories, a goat cam, silent auction and more! Illinois Stewardship Alliance has changed the state policy landscape with regard to support for local foods. Please register (it’s free) for their story slam and support their work.

Prairie Rivers Network (PRN) is Illinois’ premier water quality protection organization. They have been working tirelessly to protect our state’s rivers and water-ways, and their trail of accomplishments is long. They’re hosting their Annual Fundraiser Dinner virtually this year on Friday October 23rd, and PFFC is providing the food! You can buy a PFFC-Blue Moon Farm Grazing Dinner Kit, pick it up on Friday, 1-4 pm at the farm and enjoy with your fellow PRN supporters.

PLEASE Support your artisan and farmstead cheese makers #chooseitorloseit The American Artisan cheese community is NOT out of the woods, as COVID-related traumas continue to impact restaurants and food retailers alike.


As the weather gets cooler and the days shorter, we tend to resort to nesting behavior. Why not settle into your comfy chairs and graze on a lovely (and delicious) VICTORY CHEESE BOX.

Our latest Victory Cheese Box collaboration with grass-fed, raw cows’ milk cheeses from Jacobs & Brichford, bloomy rind cheeses from Prairie Fruits Farm & Creamery and accompaniments by Chef Stephanie Izard and her “Girl & the Goat-ceries” team. This DELUXE box features two cheeses from each farmstead creamery, house-made crackers, several kinds of pickles, jam and mixed nuts. It is the ONLY box that features accompaniments made by a Celebrity Chef. You can get your box through our online store. You can either pick up your box at the farm on Saturdays OR Sundays, 1-4 pm OR you can have it shipped.

Psst: We still have a few more of the Rick Bayless Victory Cheese Boxes available if you want to order one of those as well, both with and without the signed cookbook. You can start a collection of Victory Cheese Boxes from PFFC!

Urbana’s Market at the Square-Only Four Weeks Left to Outside Market

The outdoor market ends on Saturday October 31st. We will be moving inside Lincoln Square Mall for the Market IN the Square after that, but for the meantime, you have access to some of the BEST local food in the Midwest right here in Urbana. The transition from summer to fall crops is still underway; this means that you get the best of BOTH seasons-summer fruits and veggies abound (tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants and melons) and fall crops (apples, pears, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots). So many of these veggies and fruits, either sliced raw or simply roasted pair well with ALL of our cheeses. Just ask us for a few simple recommendations when selecting your cheeses this week. We can have you putting together a show-stopping cheese board in no time!

The Urbana Market has COVID-19 related restrictions. They require social distancing, and both patrons and farmers must wear masks at all times. We have a Square card reader set up for you to swipe your card for payment. If you bring cash, we will give you change (and sanitize our hands between transactions). Gelato pints are ONLY available through online farm store sales/farm pick up.

Here’s the cheese line up for this weekend:

Fresh Chevre $8/each