Rick Bayless Victory Cheese Box  $65 without autographed cookbook, $100 with autographed cookbook (non-personalized).

Price does not include shipping and handling which will vary vary by destination.
The COVID-19 Crisis deeply affected not only the restaurants we have come to know and love, but also the small family farms that produce the food for them. Artisan and specialty cheese was especially hard hit, with revenue down 30-80% and prospects for recovery uncertain.  Victory Cheese (victorycheese.com) was formed as a way to support the industry and its small producers with Victory Cheese Boxes, giving the public a channel through which they can actively support the industry.  The concept is inspired by the Victory Gardens of World War II, for their ability to build morale and channel food as part of the solution. Victory Cheese Boxes are also philanthropic, with 10% of proceeds going to charity. This is a perfect Father's Day Gift or a cheesy feast for your family and friends to enjoy.
Food personality, author and legendary Chicago Chef Rick Bayless, co-owner/chef  of Frontera Grill and a number of other acclaimed restaurants, has a great love of family farmstead creameries and the delicious products they make.  He believes in the value of the local farm and has curated this "All Illinois" delicious Victory Box of cheeses and accompaniments for your enjoyment.  The core victory box ($65 not incl shipping)  comes with cheeses from Prairie Fruits Farm & Creamery, Ludwig Farmstead Creamery and Marcoot Jersey Creamery as well as a locally produced jam from Autumn Berry Inspired and a  par-baked demi-baguette from Central Illinois Bakehouse.
For an additional $35, Rick Bayless Victory Cheese Box purchasers can receive an autographed copy of Rick Bayless's popular "More Mexican Everyday".  Whether you purchase the core Victory Cheese Box at $65 + shipping  or the one that includes the autographed book (not personalized) for $100 + shipping, Rick has designated the Frontera Farmer Foundation as the beneficiary!   https://www.rickbayless.com/foundation/about-frontera-farmer-foundation/
Watch Rick's passionate, informative video here to see what's special about Victory Cheese, his collection and how to incorporate these ingredients into great meals everyone will enjoy.
Prairie Fruits Farm & Creamery: Chevre Frais Plain & Herbs de Provence/Champaign, IL
These fresh goats' milk gems from Leslie Cooperband and Wes Jarrell's first artisan goat dairy in Illinois are made from the milk of an AWA certified herd that grazes in a "Silvopastoral" rotation on pasture, restored prairie and wooded areas adjacent to the pastures.  The chevre is hand ladled and packed, and it is fresh, tangy and perfect with spring wines, ciders and other flavors of the season. Freshness you can taste.  (Goat-pasteurized. 6 oz each/total 3/4 lb)
Marcoot Jersey Creamery: " 9 Month Sharp White Cheddar"/ Greenville, IL
This seventh generation family dairy farm and creamery, now run by three sisters, has an amazing history that traces its roots to Swiss ancestors immigrating in the 1840's to New Orleans and taking a Mississippi river boat to Illinois. Their ancestors quickly established a dairy farm, featuring the milk from famously butterfat-rich Jersey Cows that are pasture grazed.  In 2010 the newest generation started to make cheese, including this crisp, buttery cheddar. They age their cheeses in Swiss inspired caves to maximize flavor. ( Cow- pasteurized. 8 oz/ 1/2 lb)
Ludwig Farmstead Creamery:  "Kickapoo" / Fithian, IL
A fifth generation family dairy farm with Dutch roots, Ludwig's heritage is purebred Holstein dairy cattle and cheese making started around 2009, realizing the vision of the late Jake Ludwig, who sought to produce raw milk, traditional cheeses from these prized cows' fresh morning milk. Kickapoo, named for a local Native American tribe, is a semi-hard, raw milk cheese reminiscent of aged Parmesan, with fresh, buttery flavors and a sharper finish.  It has a distinctive green rind and we think it’s just fun to say the name.  Kickapoo is great over pasta and also stars with a light to medium bodied red wine.  (Raw Cow. 5 oz/ 1/3 lb)
Autumn Berry Inspired:  "Autumn Berry Jam" / Urbana, IL
Truly a local flavor, this is the super food local berry you never heard of! Every autumn since 2012, Autumn Berry Inspired forages the annual bounty of Autumn Berries (the fruit of the Autumn Olive Tree, Elaeagnus umbellata). The fruit collected in Champaign and Vermillion Counties travels to the Amish-owned Kuntry Kettle of Ava, Illinois to be cooked into high quality preserves which pair so well with cheese and other accompaniments.  (11oz jar)
Central Illinois Bakehouse: "Artisan Demi-Baguette (par baked)"/ Urbana, IL
This crusty demi-baguette is made with Midwest flour using an old world recipe. Par-baked so you can finish it in your own oven to crispy perfection (and serve it warm with the cheeses!), this locally-made baguette is the perfect "vehicle" for your cheese and jam bites.  Central Illinois Bakehouse, located in Champaign, Illinois (formerly called Pekara Bakehouse) is European-inspired wholesale bakehouse producing a variety of old-world breads and pastries for over a decade.  12" demi-baguette with baking instructions on the label. 


Rick Bayless Victory Cheese Box

Rick Balyess Mexican Everyday Cookbook
  • When you receive your package, refrigerate the cheese and/or salami. Shelf life of the chèvre is 2 weeks refrigerated, 4-6 months frozen; cheddar is longer as long as you wrap it in plastic to keep it from drying out. Refrigerate all other ingredients once opened.


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