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Farm News

The hum of the weed whacker is a constant background noise in the pastures. Erica, our herd manager, ears safely covered, has that determined air in her step as she clips tall grasses and lays hot wire fences to expand our rotational grazing system. Ever curious, the does follow her up and down the length of the pasture, running back toward the barns for security when the weed whacker whirls, and the grass blades start flying. Their excitement when entering newly opened pasture paddocks is palpable; their eyes scan the vegetation for choice browse, and their heads go down to partake.

Most of the kids are weaned now, and soon they’ll make the trek to their summer pasture on the north side of the farm. They passed another milestone today, receiving their registration tattoos. Green noses and tails abound in the kid barn this afternoon!

The lingering cool temperatures are reluctantly giving way to warming winds. The signs of inevitable spring envelope the farm. The peonies and iris blooms are swollen inside their green buds, so ready to unfurl their pinks and purples. The purple martins argue with interloping English sparrows as they guard their nest boxes with eggs. The barn swallows scope out nesting real estate under our porch roof. The migratory songbirds take respite in our trees; orioles boast their orange bodies, while the rose-breasted gross beaks flash their black, white and red plumage. We know it is not likely that they will stay and fledge their young here, but we’re honored that they use our farm as a rest stop.

Urbana’s Market at the Square Featured Items Going to Market This week

The market offerings continue to grow each Saturday. Cool weather greens (napini is my favorite), tender asparagus, rhubarb and early strawberries are making their debuts. Prepared simply, they can be perfect accompaniments for all of our cheeses! Roasted asparagus with crumbled feta? Fresh chevre whipped with local honey on strawberries? Chive & Lemon Zest chevre atop pan-roasted napini and local fried egg? You get my drift! If you can't make it to the market you can order online for farm pick up on Saturday or Sunday afternoons (1- 4-pm). Here’s the line up of offerings for this weekend:

  • Fresh chevre

    • Plain

    • Herbs de Provence

    • Cracked peppercorn

    • Fresh Chive & Lemon Zest (seasonal flavor)

  • Angel Food-goat “crottin” style bloomy (like a firm brie)

  • Fleur de la Prairie—2021 Good Food Award winner!-bloomy with dried herbs and edible flowers-VERY LIMITED THIS WEEK!

  • Black goat-ash-ripened bloomy

  • Goat Milk Feta aged in Whey Brine

  • Goat Milk Yogurt—it makes a great smoothy or enjoy with your favorite granola and fresh berries

  • Goat Milk Gelato by Pint (vanilla and chocolate for sure, along with a few of other flavors)

If you’re interested in buying fresh raw goat milk, you can either order from our online store for farm pick up on the weekends (Saturdays and Sundays, 1-4 pm), or just visit our farm store during open hours—we usually have a few half gallons in our refrigerated display case.

Yoga with the Goats

We’re excited to offer yoga with starting Sunday May 23rd. Enjoy a tranquil and fun yoga practice outdoors with our “baby goats” (now almost two months old). Details about the classes, the instructors, the reservations and what to expect are HERE.

Farm Open Hours

The farm is open to visitors on weekends. We are open Saturdays and Sundays, 1-4 pm. You can visit with the goats, shop in the farm store “The Real Stand” or enjoy a cheese board with a glass of wine or beer or cup of gelato under the pavilion.

As the summer progresses, we are hoping to add regularly scheduled farm tours, tastings and other events featuring our fun-loving goats.

Lots of folks are asking about our Farm Dinners! We are hoping to offer an abbreviated season starting in July. We want to make sure we can offer the full experience of dining outside with guests dining communally along our long farm tables. We want to make sure we can do this safely. We encourage everyone to get vaccinated as soon as you’re able. This will make our communal dinners even safer! Thank you.


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