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Silvopasture take two

Farm news

Last week's rains spurred a flush of green growth in the pasture. The goats are spending most of their time outside, and their turgid udders are testament to their voracious appetites for the fresh stuff. In the coming weeks, we'll be installing our pasture paddock fencing, so we can begin a full-fledged rotation. We're also planting browse trees in the new farm's silvopasture, to replace the trees that did not make it from last year's planting. The soil moisture is perfect (unlike last year where we had flood like conditions followed by a drought), and the cool temperatures should be more amenable to successful seedling establishment.

Once again, the hearty crew from Midwest Agroforestry Solutions was here to help bright and early this morning. They brought out the full guns this year with a tractor pulled tree planter. After a full-day's planting, we have over 2000 future silvopasture trees standing tall in a bed of forage alfalfa. We're optimistic that the second time will be the charm. The tree planting stars were definitely aligned today. Here's to gentle rains, moderate temperatures and distracted deer for the next few weeks.

Order from the Online Store

The best way to get our cheeses through the month of April is to order from our online store. If you order by 10 am on Saturdays, you can pick up your order from 1-3 pm that same day. We also offer raw goat milk, goat milk yogurt and our famous goat-milk gelato for those picking up from the farm store.

Don't live close by? No worries! We ship nationwide (lower 48 contiguous states). Currently, we're featuring our fresh chevre (spring chevre is sublime!) in our regular flavors (plain, herbs de Provence and cracked peppercorn) as well as our spring seasonal flavor "Fresh Chive and Lemon Zest." Our goat milk bloomies are available too, including black goat and our Good Food Award winning fleur de la prairie! Mother's Day is not too far off, and we're working on a very special cheese box for the occasion. Stay tuned for details.

Babies & Brunch and Future Farm Events

While Babies & Brunch is sold out, we are working on a very special Mother's Day event at the farm on Sunday, May 9th. We hope to have details and reservations going on sale some time next week. The farm store open hours resume starting May 1st: Saturdays and Sundays, 1-4 pm. Guests can visit with the goats, enjoy a cheese board with your favorite libation and savor a scoop of gelato.


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