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Celebrating the Mothers

Farm News

Our livelihood depends on mothers. Our goat mothers produce beautiful babies every spring, resuming their seasonal milk production, so that we can transform their milk into beautiful cheeses and other dairy products. All dairy farmers’ lives depend on mothers. We all have an unwritten contract with these animals that give us milk in exchange for care.

We take this relationship with our goat milk mothers very seriously; ours is more than just a transactional affair. Our goat moms have spacious clean barns in which to lounge and eat hay when the weather is inclement. They have acres of lush pastures and woody browse upon which they graze daily in season (when it’s not raining, because, don’t you know, goats don’t like to get wet!) We take care of them when they get sick and put up with their antics when they get into mischief.

We have bred our herd for longevity, and most of our does remain productive until they’re about ten years old. This is unheard of in most of the commercial dairy industry! When our goats retire, they either live out their days here on the farm, or we find homes for them where they’ll be pampered. All of our goats have names, and we know who they are from the front and from the back (the working end). Our relationships are intimate; they are like family. So, we celebrate them especially this weekend, in celebration of mothers of all species everywhere.

Last chance to order a gorgeous AND delicious Mother’s Day Cheese Box for FARM PICK UP this weekend. The box has the perfect mix of cheese, accompaniments and hearty baguette bread from Publican Quality Bread. It’s substantial enough that your mom won’t have to cook for at least one meal! ORDER by NOON on Friday, May 6th for pick up during the weekend open hours-Saturday and Sunday, 11-5. We have other gift boxes on our online store that you can order for farm pick up as well.

Happenings this Weekend at the Farm and Beyond

We will be open at the farm this weekend—Saturday and Sunday, 11 am to 5 pm each day.

Bring out your moms to enjoy a tranquil day on the farm! Come visit and see the baby goats! Shop our farm store and sample some of our award-winning cheeses. Enjoy a cheese and charcuterie board under our pavilion with a bottle of organic and/or biodynamic wine. Want something warm? Try our goat milk hot chocolate. Want something cool? Try our delicious goat milk gelato! Specials this weekend in celebration of Mother’s Day (available BOTH Saturday and Sunday):

--goat milk yogurt parfaits with local fruit purees

--special gelato flavors: amaretto and pistachio!

When you’re ready to leave, take home some raw goat milk, goat milk yogurt or goat milk kefir. We’ve also got some great local products, including these gorgeous eggs from fellow AWA (Animal Welfare Approved) certified eggs from Joyful Wren Farm.

The farm is open on weekends RAIN OR SHINE! You can still visit with the baby goats inside their barn if it’s raining!

Urbana’s Market at the Square Starts this Saturday, May 7th

We’re excited to be back at the outdoor market for our 17th season!! From 7-12 each Saturday, you can stock up on great produce, meats, eggs and of course PFFC cheeses. Can’t make it to the farm? Support our fellow farmers at the Champaign-Urbana Indoor Farmers’ Market (inside Lincoln Square Mall) from 8 am to 12 noon on Saturday.

Here's the lineup of cheeses and dairy product you can expect to find in our farm store and at the CU Indoor Market with Blue Moon Farm:

  • Fresh Chevre: plain, herbs de Provence, cracked pepper

  • Mixed milk feta in whey brine

  • Little bloom on the prairie: Mixed milk camembert style

  • Angel Food: Mixed milk mini-brie

  • Fleur de la prairie: All goat bloomy rind with edible flowers and herbs NEW BATCH

  • Mother’s Day Special: large format “fleur de la prairie” with fresh chive & lemon zest!

  • Black Goat: All goat, Ash-ripened bloomy-NEW BATCH—YOUNG!!

  • Raw goat milk (half gallons or quarts)-farm store only

  • Goat milk Yogurt (quart size)

  • Goat milk Kefir (quart size)-farm store only

Not local? No problem. You can order our cheeses and gift boxes from our online store. We ship nationwide. Orders go out Tuesdays and Wednesdays so that they arrive before the weekend. If you're in the Midwest, select 1-2 ground (retail); if you're coastal, select, 2nd Day Air (retail). Thank you for supporting small artisan creameries like ours!


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