We're currently offering a mixed milk version of our feta aged in whey brine. Made with jersey cow milk from Kilgus Farmstead (Fairbury, IL) and our goat milk, this version has the same great creamy-crumbly texture and similar tang to our all-goat version. Our feta is made using traditional Greek-style methods. Then, the blocks are aged for at least one month in whey brine. This adds lots of complex flavors to our feta-sharp, tangy with a hint of salt.  I describe the texture as "creamy-crumbly." Sold with the whey brine. 

Cow-Goat Milk Feta

  • Since we pack the feta in whey brine, this cheese is only available for farm pick up or at the farmers' market. We can NOT ship this cheese currently. The shelf life is quite long in the fridge, (at least 2 months) as long you keep the cheese in the container with the whey brine (it's a natural preservative).  


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