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Farm News

This week marked a milestone in the young lives of our goat kids. Half of the remaining group (52 of the doe kids who will become milker replacements in 2022) made the short journey from the kid barns to the orchard where they will spend the summer. We set up a hotwire perimeter fence (four strands because, well…they’re goats) around the orchard and purchased several large calf hutches for shelter. The calf hutches are so fancy-they look like cabins at an upscale summer camp. They’ve got a water bubbler strapped to a pear tree for their drinking pleasure and a long feeding trough for their grain-truly a farm to table experience.

Goats being goats (aka they hate change), the trek to the orchard did not go smoothly. Usually, they will follow anyone with a bucket of grain, but this time, they were wise to us. Several of us ran ahead of the pack, and a large group of kids followed—they love a good people chase. Several smaller groups tried to return back to the kid barns or hide in the doe barns repeatedly. Working in team tag, the small army of goat wranglers made several trips to advance the most hesitant kids into the orchard. Several had to be hand carried (so spoiled).

Once inside the orchard, the herd moved in a wave amongst the trees and the calf hutches; their darting nervous movements akin to a school of herring averting the jaws of a shark. We calmed their bleating insecurities with copious petting and words of reassurance. We offered them honeysuckle and silver maple leaves and warned them about getting too close to the hotwire fence (some had to learn the hard way though). Soon, their collective cacophony subsided and their curiosity to explore new lands kicked in. One by one, the goat herders sneaked off back towards the barns, hoping that no kids would follow. One day later, they are adapting to their summer pasture camp. You can see where they’ve been by the naked tree branches left in their wake.

Urbana’s Market at the Square Featured Items Going to Market This week

We’re finally getting some warm weather this weekend; perfect for a Saturday morning shopping expedition to the farmers’ market. The market offerings continue to grow each Saturday. How about dusting off the grill and using our chevre or feta to finish off some grilled asparagus or spring onions or even a juicy steak? Throw one of young bloomies on the grill for a few minutes and you’ll take the flavors to the next level! Can’t make it to the market? No worries! Order from our online store for farm pick up either Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Here’s the line-up of offerings for this weekend:

  • Fresh chevre

    • Plain

    • Herbs de Provence

    • Cracked peppercorn

    • Fresh Chive & Lemon Zest (seasonal flavor)

  • Angel Food-goat “crottin” style bloomy (like a firm brie)

  • Fleur de la Prairie—2021 Good Food Award winner!-bloomy with dried herbs and edible flowers

  • Black goat-ash-ripened bloomy

  • Little Bloom on the Prairie-our goat milk camembert

  • Goat Milk Feta aged in Whey Brine

  • Goat Milk Yogurt—it makes a great smoothie or enjoy with your favorite granola and fresh berries

  • Goat Milk Gelato by Pint (vanilla and chocolate for sure, along with a few of other seasonal flavors)

If you’re interested in buying fresh raw goat milk, you can either order from our online store for farm pick up on the weekends, or just visit our farm store during open hours—we usually have a few half gallons in our refrigerated display case.

Yoga with the Goats

We’re excited to offer yoga with starting this Sunday May 23rd. This first date is almost sold out, so grab the last few tickets. Enjoy a tranquil and fun yoga practice outdoors with our “baby goats” (now almost two months old). Details about the classes, the instructors, the reservations and what to expect are HERE.

Farm Open Hours

The farm is open to visitors on weekends. We are open Saturdays and Sundays, 1-4 pm. You can visit with the goats, shop in the farm store “The Real Stand” or enjoy a cheese board with a glass of wine or beer or cup of gelato under the pavilion. We’ve recently hired an Agritourism-Event Coordinator (welcome Lisa Wells!!), and we’ve begun an “extreme makeover” of the farm store. We will continue to welcome folks to shop, taste, order a cheese board, glass of wine or cup of gelato as we renovate our space.

As the summer progresses, we are hoping to add regularly scheduled farm tours, tastings and other events featuring our fun-loving goats. We will be expanding our open hours as well.

Lots of folks are asking about our Farm Dinners! We are hoping to offer an abbreviated season starting in mid-July. We want to make sure we can offer the full experience of dining outside with guests dining communally along our long farm tables. We want to make sure we can do this safely. We encourage everyone to get vaccinated as soon as you’re able. This will make our communal dinners even safer! Thank you.


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