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The dark cloud of pandemic is lifting, and in it’s retreat, a sense of optimism. We feel it at the farmers’ market as mask mandates give way to mask recommendations, and the market shoppers stride with confidence from stand to stand, less concerned about maintaining distance from their fellow patrons. We see it in the folks who visit the farm, kids in tow, eager to pet some goats and sit outside to enjoy a cheese board or some gelato.

All of our staff are fully vaccinated, and we too feel ready to wade back into the waters of welcoming guests onto the farm. We recently hired an agritourism coordinator (welcome Lisa Wells!), and she has been busy giving our farm store a complete make over. Fresh paint, new lights, new product displays and even a bar are in the works! You can already see some of the changes if you come visit us this weekend. We hope to have most of the changes in place by the end of June, so we can start offering some fun weekend events, special tastings, tours and even the return of “DINNERS ON THE FARM!” There’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint to rid ourselves of last year’s bad air and start anew.

Urbana’s Market at the Square Featured Items Going to Market This HOLIDAY week

Memorial Day weekend is upon us, and with it, the traditions of cooking outside and enjoying a meal with friends and family. While grilling is usually center stage for this holiday, why not consider grilling (lightly) one of our bloomy rind cheeses (little bloom, black goat or fleur de la prairie) and serving warmed with grilled bread and a drizzle of balsamic glaze? How about crostini with our fresh chevre and grilled asparagus or spring onions? Why not make a giant Greek salad with our feta?

Can’t make it to the market? No worries! Order from our online store for farm pick up either Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Here’s the line-up of offerings for this weekend:

  • Fresh chevre

    • Plain

    • Herbs de Provence

    • Cracked peppercorn

    • Fresh Chive & Lemon Zest (seasonal flavor)

  • Angel Food-goat “crottin” style bloomy (like a firm brie)

  • Fleur de la Prairie—2021 Good Food Award winner!-bloomy with dried herbs and edible flowers

  • Black goat-ash-ripened bloomy

  • Little Bloom on the Prairie-our goat milk camembert

  • Goat Milk Feta aged in Whey Brine

  • Goat Milk Yogurt—it makes a great smoothy or enjoy with your favorite granola and fresh berries

  • Goat Milk Gelato by Pint (vanilla and chocolate for sure, along with a few of other seasonal flavors)

If you’re interested in buying fresh raw goat milk, you can either order from our online store for farm pick up on the weekends, or just visit our farm store during open hours—we usually have a few half gallons in our refrigerated display case.

Yoga with the Goats

There are only two dates left for our Yoga with the baby goats, so grab your tickets before they’re gone. Enjoy a tranquil and fun yoga practice outdoors with our “baby goats” (now almost two months old). Details about the classes, the instructors, the reservations and what to expect are HERE.

Goats for Sale

Looking for a family milking goat or a 4-H project for your kids? Looking to build a small herd to make some goat milk soaps and skin care products? Looking to expand your commercial dairy goat herd? Want some goats to keep your invasive plants at bay? How about a few goats to take on hikes? We have what you’re looking for! Our goats are certified “Animal Welfare Approved,” registered through the American Dairy Goat Association AND super happy and healthy. Send us an email ( and we’ll let you know what we have available.

Farm Open Hours

Enjoy some peace and tranquility at the farm this holiday weekend. The farm is open to visitors Saturdays and Sundays, 1-4 pm. You can visit with the goats, shop in the farm store “The Real Stand” or enjoy a cheese board with a glass of wine or beer or cup of gelato under the pavilion. We continue to welcome folks to shop, taste, order a cheese board, glass of wine or cup of gelato as we renovate our space.

As the summer progresses, we are hoping to add regularly scheduled farm tours, tastings and other events featuring our fun-loving goats. We will be expanding our open hours as well.

Lots of folks are asking about our Farm Dinners! We are hoping to offer an abbreviated season starting in mid-July. We encourage everyone to get vaccinated as soon as you’re able. This will make our communal dinners even safer! Thank you.

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