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New events popping up at the farm like spring wildflowers

Flowers are exploding on the ground and in the trees. Neighbor farmers, tempted by the warm temperatures and perfect soil moisture, broke out their sprayers and planters, taking a gamble on a very early grain seeding. The goats are spending long stretches in the pasture, but their winter coats haven't had a chance to shed yet and the rapid onset of heat is stressful. Most of our does have kidded, and we're in the phase of "easy" kidding with one to two does giving birth every day or so. Many of our first fresheners are having triplets and twins, just spitting them out with little fanfare and no assistance! The early March kids are thriving and soon they'll be weaned and make their way onto the lush pastures that await them.

We have so many things happening this April and May. Many require reservations or tickets, some don't. I'm especially excited about our Earth Day Weekend event "Grass to Glass," April 23rd, celebrating the pastured goat milk that is the foundation of our delicious RAW milk and our award-winning cheeses. We still have a few tickets left for the 11 AM session of "Cheese Church" on April 15th and the 11 am and 12 pm time slots for "Babies & Brunch" on April 16th. The deadline for signup for both events is 5 pm on Friday, April 14th. Check out our newly added "Mother's Day Goat Hike" and Mother's Day Special Cheese Boards for Sunday May 14th.

We'll be attending the last indoor farmers' market of the season on April 29th and THEN, the outdoor Urbana Market at the Square starts on Sat. May 6th.

Our farm weekend open hours begin the weekend of May 6-7 too!

Can't Make it to the farm or farmers' markets? Order cheeses, yogurt, raw milk or gelato from our online store for Farm Pick Up. Not local? Order for shipping nationwide (cheese and accompaniments only-we can't ship gelato, milk or yogurt.


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