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Try a wedge of our hard, raw-goat milk Spanish style cheese, Pelota Roja. We developed this shaving/grating/slicing style cheese in collaboration with Chef Rick Bayless (Frontera-Topolobampa), and he uses it in dishes in his restaurants. Firm texture with a sharp nutty flavor, this cheese pairs well with salami and a medium bodied red wine. The rind is formed by rubbing a paste of guajillo chile powder and olive oil once the cheese wheels have aged for a couple of weeks.  

Pelota Roja-wedge

  • Keep refrigerated until use-temper to room temperature approximately 30 minutes before enjoying. The cheese can be served with accompaniments in slices or you can shave or grate it over a casserole, pizza or stew.

    Since we cut these wedges weekly, the cut face can develop some white mold on it after a few weeks if left unopened in the wrapping paper. This can be cut off and the rest of the cheese is fine. 

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