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Waning winter days AND Valentine's goat style

Farm News

The monochromatic hues of winter persist, yet signs of change are beginning to appear on our windswept prairie landscape. Dormancy in early February is appropriate, and I find beauty in the shades of brown, black and beige of the remnant vegetation. There are skiffs of ice on the creek and the waterfowl are scarce, but the geese still take refuge on the barely frozen pond. When the sun shines and the wind subsides, the goats venture out to the mostly barren pasture, searching for tiny morsels of any emergent vegetation, always scarfing up dried leaves. The resident deer population has exploded, and they brazenly graze along the woodland-pasture edges in the late afternoon. The days extend a bit longer, punctuated by an explosion of pinks, purples and oranges as the sun exits the western horizon.

The goats' growing girth confirms what the ultrasounds told us a couple of months ago: kidding season is less than one month away. The first group due to kid is a little slower to rise from their slumbers each morning, and more pronounced in their waddling out to the pastures. The final weeks of their gestation coincide with the greatest growth rates of the babies in their bellies. Their appetites are growing to match the demands of their broods. For now, we relish the calm before the storm as we prepare for the madness to come.

Farm Store and Farm Events

The farm is open this Saturday, February 11th from 11 am to 4 pm for a VERY special event: "Dote on the Does: The Valentine's Day Edition." The weather should be perfect for an outing to the farm.

We will allow visitors to get into the goat pens (with shoe covers to protect you and the goats) to brush them, hug them, and just plain pamper them.

Inside the cozy farm store, we'll have hot chocolate and spiced wine for your drinking pleasure. We'll be serving up some special cheese plates (cheese sampler and "chevre & bread"), along with a Ukrainian style cheese cake.

Take home some special treats for your valentines too:

--goat cheese truffles

--chocolate covered pecans

-- A bottle of Illinois Sparkling Co. bubbly with special champagne glasses

--Valentine's day bloomy rind cheeses made with dried fruits and raspberry powder

--"everything bagel" seasoned chevre

--your usual favorite cheeses and accompaniments, including Ukrainian farmhouse cheese, fresh mozzarella, halloumi, chevre, little bloom, moonglo and feta

Online Ordering for Farm Pick Up or Shipping

If you can't make it out for this Saturday's event, but you need to pick up some cheese, you can always order from our online store for FARM PICKUP.

Not local? No Problem! Order online for shipping. Lots of great selections, even in winter.


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