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Passing of the torch

After nearly 20 years of launching our little farmstead & artisan creamery on the prairie, we are excited to announce that the farm, dairy and creamery have new owners.  Lauren & Jeffrey Brokish are local food business owners here in Champaign IL. They own a bakehouse (Central Illinois Bakehouse), a deli (Martinelli's Market) and a bistro-cafe (Pekara Bistro). They are well versed in artisan food production and hospitality, sourcing from local farms and supporting the local food economy as small business owners. They share our values and commitment to sustainability, regenerative agriculture and high animal welfare. They plan to build on the successes and legacy that we have created. Our core dairy and creamery staff remains in place, and we will be helping them over the next year to ensure a smooth and successful transition.  

The farm is a beehive of activity with clean up and remodeling projects underway. We are also getting ready for the arrival of baby goats in the next few weeks. In the meantime, we are making some delicious cow milk cheeses with Kilgus Farmstead milk. We will be attending the indoor Champaign-Urbana Winter Farmers' Market this Saturday and every Saturday through April. Because of the remodeling at the farm, we won't be offering Dote on the Does this year. If you are interested in volunteering to help feed baby goats, go to our what's new page and click on the link to sign up for volunteering. We hope to bring you "Babies & Brunch" starting in April.

Here is what we are bringing to the Farmers' Market this Saturday (8 am to 12 noon):

  • Jersey Gournay--a fresh "lactic curd" cow milk cheese-similar in texture and mouthfeel to chevre--you can use it like chevre or as cream cheese substitute. New owner special: BUY ANY TWO GOURNAY AND GET A FREE 3-PACK BAG OF CENTRAL ILLINOIS BAKEHOUSE (THE FARM'S NEW SISTER BUSINESS0 BAGELS!!!

    • --plain

    • --garlic & herb

    • --everything bagel

    • --spiced cranberry

  • Ukrainian Farmers' Cheese--this is a great substitute for recipes calling for ricotta or cottage cheese. If you have time, consider making pierogi with farmers' cheese

  • Mixed milk feta in whey brine

  • Angel Food-all cow milk mini-brie--sautee some local mushrooms in butter and serve over a slice of angel food on crusty baguette!

  • Pelota Roja--raw goat milk hard cheese (similar to a Manchego)--served sliced with your favorite summer sausage or dry-cured salami OR shave it over roasted potatoes!!

PLEASE COME OUT AND SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL FARMERS AT THE WINTER MARKET! Attendance has been down this winter, and I know that many of our fellow farmers could really use your support this time of year.

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Beautiful post 2/15/24! 😍 your sister sue

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