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Making the next generation

Farm News

The time of year for which our breeding bucks live-breeding season-is upon us. Three of our five eager boys made the trek from their summer residence on the “south farm” on Monday to their awaiting harems in the milker barn. Within minutes, several of the does in heat had been mounted. Each of the bucks has a harness with a marking crayon to provide proof that the does were successfully bred.

Of course, a completely blue or green or red backside is no guarantee of conception, so we take detailed notes of all the signs of breeding and when they occurred. Does she have a wet tail? Was she flagging the buck with her tail (a kind of flirtatious behavior of does in heat)? Did anyone see her standing for the buck or was he just chasing her? Trust but verify is our motto when it comes to successful breeding. In about 40 days, we will invite the vets out to ultrasound the first group of breeders to confirm their pregnancies. In the meantime, the goats’ carnal endeavors provide comic relief and anticipation of the farm’s next generation to come.

Farm Happenings


Sunday Walks with the Goats

Starting this Sunday, October 9th, and continuing through the end of October, we will be offering “goat hikes.” We have a small group of young goats that love to hang out with people. The hike starts at 1pm. We’ll meander out into the back fields and riparian zone along the creek while the goats stop frequently to munch on the greenery. The hike will take approximately 45 minutes and will conclude with gelato in the Farm Store. The cost is $20 per person, which includes a cup of gelato at the end of the hike. Purchase tickets in the Farm Store before 1 pm – limited to 8-10 people. No reservations required; first come-first served. If it is raining, we will cancel-the goats don’t like to get wet. Please wear sturdy closed-toed shoes and long pants. The terrain can be a bit rough in spots.


Mark your Calendars! Goaty Halloween Returns to the Farm!!

Save the Date: Sunday October 30th, 1-4 pm. Goats in Costume! Guests in costume taking pictures with the goats in costume! Pumpkin Decorating! Hay Rides! Hot Apple Cider! Spooky cheesy treats! AND MORE!!


Wine and Cheese on the Farm? Yes please!

We are one of the few places in Champaign-Urbana where you can get a curated wine and cheese flight. We carry some great organic and/or biodynamic wines. We try to change up the wines and the cheeses almost every weekend so you can come often to try a variety. We serve the wine & cheese flight with a rustic baguette bread from Publican Quality Breads in Chicago or with Potters Crackers. $25/person (must be 21 or older) gets you this amazing flight of three wine pours and three cheeses with some surprise accompaniments every weekend. All of our wines come from small family-owned wineries and vineyards using sustainable agriculture practices. Just ask our staff for the details if you’re curious.


Farm Open Hours

This weekend (and all weekends through the end of the year) we’re open 11-5 both Saturday and Sunday. Shop our farm store and sample some of our award-winning cheeses.

Enjoy a cheese and charcuterie board under our pavilion with a bottle of organic and/or biodynamic wine or local microbrew. We have some great beers and hard ciders in the cooler. Want something cold and creamy? Try our delicious goat milk gelato! Of course, there are lots of opportunities to engage with the goats—the mommas and the teenagers LOVE visitors. The interactive goat "play pen" is right next to our Sorghum-Sudan Grass Cover Crop forest, You can grab a hand-full of grass to feed to the goats. If you're lucky, farmer Wes will let the teenage goat girls out for a stroll and you can get even more intimate with them. They are such attention hounds!

The secret ingredient to our amazing cheeses and gelato is our MILK! You too can experience our milk in its purest form! Our milk super fresh (usually less than one day old) and clean. We are permitted to sell raw milk from the farm (Illinois Dept. of Public Health). Curious what it tastes like? We will have samples for you to try-just ask.

If you don’t have time to peruse our farm store in person, but you need some milk or cheese or accompaniments, you can always order from our online store for pick up at the farm during weekend open hours. Just let us know if you’re picking up on Saturday or Sunday in the “NOTES” section (before checking out).

We’ve also got some great local products, including artisan jams, local honey, preserves and salamis. New in the store, a great new selection of PFFC T-shirts.


  • house-made pickles with locally grown produce (red peppers, cucamelons, etc.)

  • locally made hot sauces from Weird Meat Boyz

  • organic garlic from Blue Moon Farm (yes, that's right-they ar