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Cheese harbingers of spring

Farm News

Our two 100% goat milk bloomy rind cheeses, black goat and fleur de la prairie, have a season. They are best made when the milk isn't too high in butterfat and protein, aka milk solids. One month into the goats' freshening (giving birth and coming back into milk production), their milk solids begin to decline. For us, this usually happens at the beginning of April. These cheeses both have delicate bloomy rinds formed by the growth of Geotrichum candidum (a species of white mold with the characteristic "brain corral" growth pattern).

"Geo" as it's known in cheese maker parlance, is the Goldie Locks of the mold ripening species. It grows best in cave-like temperatures (52-55 degrees), but it doesn't like it too humid or too dry. Achieving that perfect set of environmental conditions, especially in the hyper-fluctuating midwestern spring, is a challenge. Even though these cheeses are aged in climate controlled rooms, our cheese plant is still influenced by outside air conditions. We made our first-of-the season batches last week, and they were wrapped this week, awaiting the mouths of their adoring fans.

Farm Happenings and Beyond

This Saturday, April 8th, we're attending the indoor farmers' market inside Lincoln Square Mall! PLEASE come see us, because we have LOTS of cheese and several cheese specials. Black goat and fleur de la prairie are back in the lineup and looking gorgeous. These are must have cheeses for your holiday tables. Here are the cheese highlights we'll have on offer:

  • Black Goat: ash-rinded 100% goat milk bloomy-firm and slightly yeasty when young. Serve with a drizzle of local fresh honey

  • Fleur de la Prairie: 100% goat milk bloomy adorned with dried herbs and edible flowers-a real show stopper for your holiday table

  • Fresh chevre: plain, herbs de Provence, cracked pepper

  • Seasonal chevre: fresh chive & lemon zest

  • Ukrainian Farmhouse cheese: try serving it on toast with your favorite jam or a drizzle of honey 50% off if you buy another cheese of any type

  • Angel Food: (all cow milk mini-brie) 50% off if you buy another cheese of any type

  • Little Bloom on the Prairie (all cow milk and our first batch of mixed milk camembert-style) 50% off if you buy another cheese of any type

  • Raclette-Alpine Style: our newest all cow milk raw-milk cheese-this cheese is made for melting. Serve it with boiled or roasted potatoes and pickles—the way the Swiss like to eat it.

  • Moonglo: raw goat milk tomme (semi-hard cheese) perfect for slicing and eating or indulging in a grown-up fancy grilled cheese sandwich

  • Pelota Roja: raw goat milk “Spanish” style cheese with guajillo chile-olive oil pasted rind. Sharp, nutty-great for grating, shaving or slicing

  • Feta in Whey Brine: currently made with all cows’ milk-creamy and mellow but perfect for a winter salad of greens and a citrus vinaigrette

  • All-Natural Yogurt (made with 100% Jersey Cow Milk OR 100% goat milk)-no additives, no thickeners-just milk and probiotic cultures—both pints and quarts available.

  • Goat milk gelato: vanilla, chocolate, hazelnut and coffee (online ordering only)

Can't make it to the farmers market? Why not order from our online store for farm pick up. We have the full selection of cheeses available PLUS a variety of cheese-friendly accompaniments, RAW GOAT MILK!!!, PINTS of goat milk gelato!! EGGS from Joyful Wren Farm and ORGANIC CARROTS from Blue Moon Farm. Order by 5 pm on Friday for Saturday morning pick up (10:30 am to 12 noon).

If you’re not local, you can always order from our online store for shipping (we can't ship goat milk, yogurt or gelato). We ship nationwide Tuesdays and Wednesdays either 1-2 ground or 2nd Day Air (depending on your location).

Babies and Brunch! ONE MORE CHANCE

We are hosting our final “Babies & Brunch” on Sunday, April 16th. We’ll feature locally made pastries from Hopscotch Bakery, goat milk hot chocolate and Mad Goat Coffee Roasters Coffee. We will be taking reservations for these events; three time slots for each date, with 75 tickets per time slot. There are still plenty of spaces open, especially for the 12 pm time slot Ticket price includes your choice of a sweet or savory pastry (featuring our cheeses) and up close interactions with the baby goats. Make sure you pull down on the menu to ensure you get the pastry of your choice (the default is sweet, so pull down the menu if you want the savory option). Hot beverages will be included in the ticket price. The farm store will be open during those times too for you to purchase cheese, goat milk, and other local products. DEADLINE FOR TICKET SALES FOR APRIL 16th IS 5PM ON FRIDAY, APRIL 14TH.

TICKETS ON SALE: Saturday, April 15th A curated cheese tasting and cheese “worship” with author and cheese celebrity Erika Kubick (“Cheese, Sex Death” author and fan favorite here at PFFC). We will be offering two sessions (11:00 am-12:30 pm and 1:00-2:30 pm). Click here for details and ticket sales. Delight Flower Farm will be at the farm from 12:00-1:00 pm selling bouquets of spring blooms

The outdoor market "Market at the Square" starts on Saturday May 6th. The Farm store will resume our regular weekend open hours (Saturdays and Sundays, 11-5) starting May 6th. Stay tuned for details and reservations for a very special Mother's Day outing at the farm!

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