We've curated the perfect box for a small gathering this holiday season. In support of the Victory Cheese Movement, a grass-roots effort to save small-scale artisan creameries like ours, this box contains:

--1 6-oz. herbs de Provence chevre

--1 round (approx. 6 oz.) cow-goat eclipse (our mixed milk version of fleur du la prairie--a bloomy rind cheese with dried herbs and edible flowers)

--1 8-oz. block of Jacobs & Brichford's Everton (a raw cow-milk cheese with sharp & nutty flavors)

--1 8 oz. block of Jacobs & Brichford's Briana (a raw cow-milk washed rind cheese with loads of flavor)

--6 oz. cinnamon-sugared Voss Orchard pecans

--4 oz. house-made butternut squash pickle

--2 fruit leathers (approx. 2 oz. each): 1 petite plum, 1 black currant)

--1 box of Potter's cranberry-hazelnut crisps

Victory Cheese for the Holidays

  • Please refrigerate cheeses upon arrival and keep aged cheeses wrapped to prevent them from drying out. The chevre should last about 3 weeks in the fridge. Once opened, please refrigerate the squash pickle. 


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