We're excited to offer our raw-goat milk cheese "Pelota Roja."  We developed this recipe for Chef Rick Bayless' restaurants (Frontera, Topolobampa, Xoxo), and now we're excited to offer it to specialty food stores, grocery stores and cheese shops (sorry other restaurants, this cheese is an exclusive for the Frontera-Topolo teams).  We're also excited to share that Pelota Roja has been named a Finalist in the Good Food Awards. 

Made in the style of a "majorero" cheese (a raw goat milk cheese made in the Canary Islands), it's firm, sharp, slightly nutty with hints of tropical fruit. 

Pelota Roja

  • This cheese can be ordered as whole wheels (approximately 2 lbs each) or cut into wedges weighing approximately 4 oz.  Both whole wheels and wedges come wrapped in cheese wrapping paper. Once cut, the cut face might grow some unwanted molds after 3 weeks of sitting un-opened.  The cheese should be kept wrapped under refrigeration tempersatures to prevent excessive drying.  


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