Our raw goat milk "Manchego" style cheese was created for Chef Rick Bayless' restaurants several years ago. We now offer this amazing hard cheese to our customers as pre-cut (4 oz.) wedges. The cheese is aged for 2 1/2 to 3 months, and the rind is rubbed with a guajillo chile powder-olive oil rub to add flavor and a gorgeous deep red color.  Flavor notes of the cheese are sharp, nutty with notes of tropical fruit. Excellent paired with a spicy red wine, proscuitto or hard salami and a tart jam.  Try shaving over roasted veggies or add it to your risotto.   

Pelota Roja

Cheese and add ons
  • This cheese has a long (over 1-2 month) shelf life if kept refrigerated and protected from drying out. The cut face will grow some molds over time which can be removed with a knife.  


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