We make a couple of classic french inspired bloomy rind cheeses with white mushroomy rinds. Little bloom on the prairie is a goat-milk camembert-style cheese. It's a flat round disc that becomes gooey around the edges as the cheese ages. Angel Food is modeled after a "crottin," a small, relatively tall round (about half the size of little bloom) that tends to stay firm, even as it ages. 

Although they both have the same kind of rind cultures, they age very differently. 

Both pair well with fresh fruits (raspberries, apple slices), tart jams like "Autumn Berry" Jam and especially with our "Jarrell family dried plum" fruit leather. Check out the add ons for this cheese.

Size Matters: Little Bloom versus Angel Food

Little Bloom OR Angel Food and Accompaniments
  • As with all bloomy rind cheeses, the rind is edible. The cheese will continue to ripen (age) in your refrigerator. The cheese can be enjoyed "young" with milld flavors to super ripe and gooey (stronger mushroomy notes). It's up to you how you like to eat it.


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