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Our nod to camembert (a bloomy rind cheese from Normandy France), little bloom is a mixed cow-goat milk cheese. It has a delicate white mushroomy rind (totally edible) with a mild, buttery paste. As the cheese ages, it becomes gooey at the edges and stronger in flavor (think buttered mushrooms). Available by itself, but pairs perfectly with any of our jams, crackers, salamis or a rustic baguette

Little Bloom on the Prairie

  • Most bloomy rind cheeses (edible rinds) continue to ripen as they age, even under refrigeration temperatures. This means they get softer and more gooey over time. We try to sell our bloomies to wholesale customers while they are young to give you amble time to sell them before they get too ripe. Shelf life on these types of cheeses are usually 2 to 4 weeks, depending on ripeness stage.

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