Treat yourself to a mid-afternoon snack with our Stay-at-Home Gourmet Survival Kit! All you need is nice bottle of wine or your favorite micro-brew. The kit is available without Summer Sausage as well (less $12). Kit includes these 5 items:

  • 6oz. Chèvre Frais
  • 8oz. Marcoot Jersey Creamery (Greenville IL) Sharp Cheddar OR 6 oz. Ludwig Farmstead Creamery's "Kickapoo" (a raw milk cheese similar in flavor to parmesan, but with higher moisture)
  • D&M Farms (Breese, IL) Heritage-breed Pork Summer Sausage (8 oz.)
  • Autumn Berry Jam  (11 oz) 
  • Potter's Original Crackers (5 oz box) 

Stay-At-Home Gourmet Survival Kit

Meat Selection
Hard Cheese Selection
  • When you receive your package, refrigerate the cheese and/or salami. Shelf life of the chèvre is 2 weeks refrigerated, 4-6 months frozen; cheddar is longer as long as you wrap it in plastic to keep it from drying out. Refrigerate all other ingredients once opened.


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