Our roll-out of french-style goat milk bloomies continues with the arrival of black goat (ash-rind) and fleur du prairie (adorned with dried herbs & edible flowers).  The rind of these delicate cheese is created by Geotrichum candidum, a species of white mold that creates a crinkly soft rind.  The current batch of fleur du prairie have dried lavender and herbs.


When young, these cheeses have a firm paste with notes of yeasty bread dough and buttermilk. As they age, they get gooey along the edges, and take on a lovely goat "funk," aka earthiness.  Wonderful served with a drizzle of local honey or tart jam on a warm slice of baguette or rustic bread. 

A duet of bloomies-black goat & fleur du prairie

  • These cheeses continue to age (i.e. ripen) under refrigeration temperatures. They will get more gooey and even runny over a period of 3-4 weeks.  You decide how long you want to age them-some folks like them young and mild; others like to let them ripen to gooey-funky perfection. Shelf life is about one month (or longer if you like really ripe bloomies). 


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