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Our roll-out of french-style goat milk bloomies continues with the arrival of black goat (ash-rind) and fleur de la prairie (adorned with dried herbs & edible flowers).  The rind of these delicate cheese is created by Geotrichum candidum, a species of white mold that creates a crinkly soft rind.  The mix of dried herbs and flowers changes throughout the seasons, depending on what's growing in our herb garden and farm. Our fleur took top honors in the cheese category at the 2021 Good Food Awards and most recently won a gold medal at the American Cheese Society's Cheese Competition.  Our black goat took a silver medal in the inaugural "NY International Cheese Competition" in 2021.


When young, these cheeses have a firm paste with notes of yeasty bread dough and buttermilk. As they age, they get gooey along the edges, and take on a lovely goat "funk," aka earthiness.  Wonderful served with a drizzle of local honey or tart jam on a warm slice of baguette or rustic bread. 


NOTE: Available April through October only 

A duet of bloomies-black goat & fleur de la prairie