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It's raining, but it's raining cheese too

Skirting around the puddles in the driveway and the shallow pond that covers the lawn between our house and the barn, I take my daily early morning trek to the creamery to begin the day's cheese making. As more goats give birth, our goat milk volumes are increasing. We're also getting weekly shipments of cow milk from Rocky Road Dairy to transform into our mixed milk cheeses. We even made our first batches of goat milk gelato and goat milk yogurt AND Kefir (new product!) this week! Wes donned his lab coat and hair net to work his gelatieri magic.

The time has come to offer all of the fruits of our spring labors directly to our local patrons. You'll have three ways to get some of the best spring cheese around.

For the remaining Saturdays in April (8 am to 12 noon), you can buy our cheeses from our friends at Blue Moon Farm. They have beautiful spring greens and gorgeous carrots that pair perfectly with most of our cheeses. The market is located just inside the south entrance to Lincoln Square Mall in Urbana.

Our online store is always open! You can order for shipping OR for on-farm pick up. We're running a special for this Saturday ONLY. Order anything from our online store by 9 AM Saturday April 9th and take 15% the total sale when you check out. Coupon code is "springopen2022." This is for ON FARM PICK UP ONLY during our 4/9 open hours (11 am to 2pm). Too far away to pick up? You can always order to ship. Our cheeses make the perfect give for so many occasions. You can even treat yourself!

Saturday, April 9th, we will open the store from 11 am to 2 pm. You can order to pick up (and get the 15% discount) OR just come on out and see what we have to offer you. We'll be serving our first gelato of the season. We'll also have raw goat milk as well as yogurt and kefir for sale. Here are the cheeses we'll have available:

  • Fresh chevre--plain, herbs de Provence, cracked pepper

  • Mixed milk feta in whey brine

  • Angel Food-gooey brie style

  • Little Bloom on the Prairie-mixed milk camembert style

  • Black Goat-funky, ash-ripened bloomy

  • Fleur de la Prairie-dried herbs & edible flowers adorn this stunning, award winning bloomy

Starting the weekend of April 16-17, we will launch our regular farm open hours. From 11-5 each day, you can come meet the baby goats, shop the farm store and even enjoy a cup of goat milk hot chocolate (which will be very appropriate if this cold weather continues).


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Sharon Shafa
Sharon Shafa
11 apr. 2022

Last week when we had 75 out here, I saw Wes making gelato & wished you were here or I was there. Today we have 4" of snow on the ground that was supposed to be melted by 9 a.m.--almost six hours ago!! Guess I'll have to wait on the gelato! Your cousin in Washington State, Sharon LaVoie Shafa

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