Rhine Hall Tasting

We are excited to announce that Jenny (co-founder) from Rhine Hall Distillery will be joining us for an evening on the farm featuring their locally sourced Brandy and Grappa.  We are planning to offer tastes of their brandy's and their Grappa paired with four small plates.  The event will start at 6:00 pm July 23rd at Prairie Fruits Farm.  Tickets are available now!  

The menu of small plates for the evening's event:

Chicken Liver Mousse, smoked green apple preserve, apple brandy gelatina, toast  ---                                            Served with Barrel Aged Apple Brandy  

Little Bloom on the Prairie, brandied backyard plums, oat crunch --- With Plum Brandy  

Huckleberry Blue, candied pecan, fennel foam, pear  --- Served with Pear Brandy  

Sweetened Chevre Tiramisu, peaches  ---   Served with Grappa

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