Special Graduation Dinner on the Farm

Looking for a unique way to celebrate graduation this year? Come dine with us at the farm on Saturday May 12th


Guests will enjoy a buffet-style feast featuring seasonal spring veggies, our cheeses, local meats and a gelato bar for dessert. Live Music included in the ticket price of $65/person. The farm will be open for guests to arrive between 4-8 pm and you can make reservations for parties up to 30 guests. Here's the menu:

Appetizer at table

Cheese / charcuterie platters



Bane Farm Chicken

Piemonte Sausages

Teriyaki Pork kebabs  


Buffet of salads  

Mixed spring greens

Roasted vegetable quinoa

Potato / celery /bacon / egg

Lentil / sun dried tomato

Roasted beet / goat cheese / mint

Slaw / red & green cabbage / carrot / apple  


Gelato Bar

Your choice of gelato flavors, toppings, cookies