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Waiting for the frost, North Lincoln Avenue NOW OPEN and Holiday Farm Market ComingOctober 30th, 2014

 Farm News I have a confession to make on the eve of Hallows eve (aka Halloween); I’m longing for plant death. We’re expecting our first killing frost tomorrow night with temperature

The naming of a future generation of milkersOctober 23rd, 2014

Farm News  For some reason, I’ve been procrastinating about selecting a theme for this year’s crop of replacement doelings.  Maybe it’s been my preoccupation with breeding

Is it Oregon in Illiniois? AND Nomad Pizza man returns to the FarmOctober 16th, 2014

Farm News We’re approaching mid-October without the slightest frost, let alone a killing frost.  Typically this time of year, the tomato vines have been struck down by a skiff of night fre

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