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Shows and explains how we milk the goats
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The arrival of more "little people" on the farm AND Holiday Market Blow OutDecember 18th, 2014

Farm News This week we welcomed four bred Nigerian Dwarf does to the farm.   Like the Nigerian Dwarf breeding bucklings we acquired in October, the does hailed from White Lotus Farms in An

Farm is Open for Holiday ShoppingDecember 14th, 2014

I'll be brief. For those of you who didn't get chocolate-chevre truffles or goat milk caramels, we still have a few left for sale at the farm.  We also have lots of crackers, cheese (chevre, blo

And then there were none AND So many delicious holiday treatsDecember 11th, 2014

Farm News They’re starting to peel off the milk line; eight does two weeks ago, five does last week, and a group of ten this morning.  Yes, our girls are very pregnant and have decided i

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