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Shows and explains how we milk the goats
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What earth day means to me AND last spring breakfast of the seasonApril 24th, 2014

Farm News We celebrated “Earth Day” this week. Earth Day, a political holiday, established more than 40 years ago, captured the mood of a country fed up with dirty air, dirty water and a

What is a teat and how does milk become cheese? Thoughts from the minds of first gradersApril 17th, 2014

Farm News This past Tuesday, we hosted 90 first graders from the town of Westville, Illinois for a tour of the farm and a tasting of our dairy products.  Westville is a small rural town just sou

Waiting for springApril 10th, 2014

Farm News There’s an existential quality to the spring this year; the feeling that every being must forge ahead, independent of a hostile unpredictable environment, despite the climate’

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