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Our Cheeses

Using the milk from our herd of Nubian and La Mancha goats, we produce mostly French influenced cheeses that have their roots in our deep dark prairie soils. 

Our fresh chevre is as fresh as it gets—we make several batches each week, so what you're eating is usually one to three days old! We gently hand ladle the curd resulting in a creamy, fluffy cheese. Taste the hints of lemon and savor the luscious mouth feel.

fresh chevre

Our bloomy rind goat cheeses, “Angel Food” and “Little Bloom on the Prairie” have traditional Penicillium candidum white mold rinds. Angel Food is a ladled curd cheese with a thin rind and deliciously gooey interior. It is aged about two to three weeks.

 Angel Food
Little Bloom on the Prairie is a cut-curd, camembert-style cheese with a dense, creamy core and gooey exterior.  It is aged three to four weeks. Taste the mushroomy rind and slightly tangy yet creamy interior. This cheese pairs well with tart berry preserves and honey.
Little Bloom on the Prairie

Black goat is a Geotrichum candidum  (a delicate, yeast-like white mold) rinded goat round, dusted with a vegetable ash-salt mixture the day after it is ladled. The ash neutralizes the acidity of the cheese, resulting in a slightly more mellow and buttery finish on the pallet.  

Black Sheep
Moonglo is a raw goat milk tomme-style cheese with a washed rind. In addition to ripening cultures, we wash the rind with a “tea” made from Moonglo Pear leaves.  Aged four to five months.  Sharp and nutty with notes of ripe fruits and truffles. It melts well, and it can be shaved or grated too.
Moonglo cheese
Huckleberry Blue is a very seasonal, raw goat milk blue cheese. We only make it with either late (October-December) or early (March-April) lactation milk, because it's the richest milk and makes the creamiest blue cheese. The cheese has a natural rind.  It ages for two to three months.  The wheels weigh about four to five pounds.
Huckleberry Blue
In addition to our "regulars," we make a whole goat milk ricotta when milk is plentiful in spring and early summer.  It is made in the traditional Italian style using basket molds. It is creamy and sweet; much different from what you find in the grocery store. Several of our chefs in Chicago who buy this cheese say it makes the most perfect ricotta gnocchi.

We also make a greek-style sheep milk feta that is aged in a whey brine for a minimum of four weeks. It is firm, tangy and complex in flavor--NOTHING like the cheese labeled "feta in the grocery store. Give it a try, and you'll be hooked. THIS cheese is available now through early spring 2014.

Stay posted to our blog or weekly customer emails for availability of these cheeses as well as the "usual suspects."

Most of our cheeses are sold direct to our customers at farmers' markets and select retail stores.

If you are interested in wholesale prices of our cheeses, please contact Sarah Hess at prairiefruitswholesalecheese@gmail.com or217-840-4097.

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