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This Saturday's Cheese Sales, Breakfasts and Blue Moon Farm

Posted 3/23/2010 12:08pm by Leslie Cooperband or Wes Jarrell.
Hello Local Food Lovers:
Lots of news to report for this weekend.  We are hosting our on-farm open house this Saturday, March 27th again, from 9AM to 12 noon.  We'll be featuring some great local foods breakfast items (menu is still a work in progress), our creamy lemony chevre, our "Huckleberry Blue" cheese (a creamy, nutty goat milk blue), and our "Mollisol" Pecorino (a sharp, grating style cheese made with raw sheep milk and aged for about one year).  We also have our goat milk cajeta (mexican style caramel sauce with cinnamon) and our "Community Supported Goat" t-shirts made with organic cotton.  The back of the t-shirts is sure to be a conversation piece among your friends.
Both Blue Moon Farm and Tomahnous Farm will be here to sell their spring vegetables (see Blue Moon Farm announcement below).
FOR OUR CHICAGO CUSTOMERS: We will also be attending the winter Green City Market in Chicago at the Peggy Notebart Nature Museum (8AM to 1PM; location is at corner of Fullerton and Canon Drive).  We'll have the same wonderful cheeses for sale there as we do for our farm sales.  We know our absence in Chicago has been long, and we're happy to bring you our spring cheese offerings again. 
FARM NEWS: We're up to just over 70 baby goats so far with a little more than half the herd (46 does) kidded. Sunday was an especially busy day--7 does kidded, some with twins, others with just one and a couple with triplets. I was covered with birth fluid pretty much all day! All kids are happy and healthy. Come visit them during our SAT. open houses.  You will be mezmerized.
P.S. Dinners are going fast, so if you're a procrastinator, better act sooner rather than later.

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From: Blue Moon Farm <bluemoonfarmurbana@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, Mar 22, 2010 at 11:16 AM
Subject: Blue Moon Market at Prairie Fruits Farm 3/27

Hi everyone,
We've got lots of fresh, green veggies this week. In addition to the usual suspects of spinach and cilantro, we've got Red Russian, White Russian, Green, and Red kale, Swiss chard, collards, perpetual spinach, parsley, carrots and many potato varieties for this Saturday
The pickup/market location will be at Prairie Fruits farm, from 9-12: directions to Prairie Fruits. Crops are limited, we're not sending an order form this week, so show up early to get the good stuff.
Prairie Fruits Farm is also offering great breakfasts from 9-12 on Saturdays (delicious, according to several customers who raved about it last Saturday) as well as baby goat viewings. Produce from Tomahnous farm will also be there.
Based on all the feedback we've gotten regarding pickup location, and based on our crop quantities, we've decided to do alternating weeks at our regular  Lincoln Square Mall (outside the food co-op), and Prairie Fruits. We'll be back at Lincoln Square the first Saturday in April, and you'll get an order form for that beforehand.
As usual, we welcome all feedback.

Thanks to all!
Blue Moon Farm