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Saturday Cheese Sales, Farm Breakfasts and spring

Posted 3/31/2010 2:11pm by Leslie Cooperband or Wes Jarrell.
Spring is literally in the wind today, warm winds are whipping across our wet prairie soils, drying them out so we can plant our strawberries and reseed our pastures.  It feels good. 
The goats are looking longingly at the pasture, and soon it will be dry and tall enough for them to go out for their first fresh forage.  To date, 52 does have kidded and we have another 20-25 left to go. They are producing a lot of milk, and we are in full cheese making production now. Our sheep dairy is also in full production, so this is the time of year that we're flush with milk.
For this coming Saturday, April 3rd, we will again host our open house breakfasts and cheese sales: 9AM to 12 Noon. We will have our fresh chevre and our yogurt for sale this week. If you have friends or family in town this weekend for the holidays, what better way to show off the beautiful countryside of Champaign County--come on out for a delicious local food breakfast, see the goats and buy some cheese.
We had a record crowd last week, and we thank everyone for coming out and tolerating the lines to order breakfast. In anticipation of bigger crowds, we will have more staff on hand this week to take breakfast orders and prepare the food. So, you shouldn't have to wait very long for your breakfast. It may even be warm enough for you to eat outside. 
The menu for this week includes delicious local treats:
  • Triple S Farms corned-beef and Blue Moon Farm potato hash with Tomahnous Farm poached egg
  • Prairie Fruits Farm goat-sheep milk yogurt parfait with house-made granola and Spence Farm maple syrup
  • Moore Family farm corn bread with bacon and chevre
  • Michigan dried cherry scones
  • Mollisol pecorino and red pepper jelly scones
  • Fair trade coffee and herbal teas
Tomahnous Farm will be here too with greens, eggs, shallots and other early season veggies. Blue Moon Farm will not be at the farm this Saturday, but they will be selling produce PRE-ORDERED in the hallway behind the Common Ground Food Coop, also from 9AM to 12 noon. If you want to order veggies or our cheese from them, you'll need to fill  out their on-line order form. Below is an email message from Blue Moon Farm that explains how their ordering process works, including a link to their order form. .  The deadline for sending in your order with them is TODAY at 11PM, so act now if you want to get Blue Moon Farm Vegetables.


Hello everyone,

We've got new greenery on our list for you. Besides the old favorites of cilantro and spinach, we're putting White Russian kale, Red Russian kale and Perpetual Spinach on the list. We will be bringing Red kale, chard, collards and parsley to sell as extras. We've also got more carrots and potatoes.

This week we're including cheese from Prairie Fruits Farm on the order form.

Our pickup location will be at Lincoln Square Mall, in the indoor eating area of the Common Ground Food Co-op. If this is your first time ordering with us, please read the detailed instructions below the link.

Click Here to Order

Here's how it works:
  • You click on the survey and answer the questions. You have to answer the first two, which are your first and last name. After you answer the questions, you click "Done". That automatically saves your order.  You have to fill it out by Wednesday night.
  • Then you show up between 9-12 on Saturday at the delivery location, which is in the indoor eating area outside the Common Ground Food Co-op in Lincoln Square Mall. You get there by going out the back door of the Co-op, or entering the mall in the Health Alliance area, east side of the mall. There is no pre-pay, folks just pay when they pick up their veggies.
  • Also, we don't bag the order beforehand. When you get there, you find your name on one of the order clipboards, review your order and cross your name off. Then, using one of the scales, you can bag your veggies, trying to get the weight around what you ordered (it doesn't have to be exact), and then bring your order to our scale, and we'll figure out the price from there.
  • That's it!
See you all on Saturday and thanks for your participation!