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Last spring open house and farm breakfast of the season-come and get it

Posted 4/22/2010 7:09pm by Leslie Cooperband or Wes Jarrell.
Farm News
Things were relatively quiet on the farm this week.  No new births, but lots of planting going on. The weather and the soil presented perfect conditions for planting, and we were out there along side our cash grain neighbors (except our tractors and planters are either human size or about one tenth the size of the corn planters).  Aaron, our herdsman, planted a new field with alfalfa and oats as a nurse crop. We're also experimenting with planting sorghum-sudan grass--a very fast growing forage crop--in one of our pasture paddocks this year to help control goat intestinal parasites.  Aaron was busy planting that seed too. Kris, our orchardist, was busy digging holes and planting several dozen new fruit trees. As I write, Wes is out in the last hours of daylight trying to get the last of the cherry trees planted before the rains come tonight. We welcome the rains. Unlike last year, the soil is actually getting dry right now, and all the seed, berries and trees we have planted could use a deep drink right about now.
We're busy in the cheeserie cranking out lots of batches of chevre, bloomy rind cheeses and raw milk cheeses in anticipation of farmers' market season. It is nearly upon us--Urbana's Market at the Square starts one week from this Saturday, May 1st! 
Open House, Sales, Breakfast
SO, farmers' market season means an end to our on farm open houses, sales and breakfasts. This Saturday, April 24th from 9AM to 12 noon is your last chance this year to come out to the farm to enjoy an all local foods breakfast and see the baby goats.  
We will have the following cheeses available for sale:
Fresh Chevre
Little Bloom on the Prairie (our goat milk camembert style cheese)
Angel Food (our goat milk brie--it's gooey as ever!)
Ewe Bloom (our soft-ripened sheep milk cheese)
Don't forget to pick up one of our stylish organic cotton "Community Supported Goat" T-shirts ($15 each).
Both Tomahnous Farm and Blue Moon Farm will be here as well.  Tomahnous is bringing asparagus, chard, rhubarb, lettuce, herbs, spinach, flour & goat milk soap. Blue Moon Farm finally has salad mix! They will also probably be bringing asparagus. They will definitely have Swiss chard, Red Russian kale, White Russian kale, Green kale, Red kale, rapini, and radishes.

What's For Breakfast you ask patiently?:
  • Raisin Bread French Toast with Spence Farm Maple Syrup
  • Blue Moon Farm Asparagus and Mill Creek Farm Mushroom Strada
  • Hot Buttermilk Biscuits with Butter and Honey
  • Assorted other baked treats
  • Organic Banana Yogurt Smoothie
  • Mexican style goat milk hot chocolate
  • Fair Trade Coffee
For more details about the farm and the breakfasts, visit our website: www.prairiefruits.com