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Goat love and cheese

Posted 10/2/2009 8:51am by Leslie Cooperband or Wes Jarrell.
It's that time of year when we play "matchmaker." We pair up our bucks with groups of does based on who they are or are NOT related to, and what combinations we hope will produce doe kids with milk production and quality even better than their mothers.' It's been amazing to watch the transformation of our buck kids over seven short months from sweet little balls of fluff to mature males who know exactly what to do with the ladies. The air on the farm is filled with the smells of buck must; the does in heat wave their tales excitedly to signal their readiness; the mating ritual begins.  Five months from now, we will go into birthing mode.
With breeding season comes late lactation milk. For me, this is the best milk for cheese making.  Already, we are seeing increases in our chevre yield (more butterfat--more cheese).  The taste is rich and creamy; a perfect compliment to amorous atmosphere on the farm.
This week we will be attending three farmers' markets: Urbana, Oak Park and Green City Market. The weather guy is forecasting rain, but don't let that deter your quest for some great cheese.
We have the following:
Fresh chevre--plain, herbs de Provence and cracked black peppercorn (heirloom tomato season is over).
Angel Food
Very limited quantity of Little Bloom on the Prairie--I know you are missing this cheese, but it will be back in the repertoire over the next few weeks.
Ewe Bloom

Kaskaskia--if you're looking for a really flavorful grating cheese, check out this raw sheep milk cheese
Update on the Olympian Drive Road Extension
If you haven't had an opportunity to sign our petition at the Urbana Farmers' Market, we will still have it there for you to sign.  The road is NOT a done deal. If we can demonstrate signficant urban constituents' opposition to this road to nowhere, we may be able to convince the local politicians it is unwise to proceed. If you aren't familiar with this issue, you can read the petition on our website under "News." I have archives of all of my newsletters and it is embedded in a newsletter sent a few weeks ago.  For those of you who live in Champaign, Urbana or Champaign Co., I urge you to contact your representatives either on the City Councils or County Board to express your opposition to this project.  The more voices they hear, the more they will begin to question the faulty logic of their decision.  As always, we thank you for your support.