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Farm News and Farmers' Market Sales

Posted 4/8/2010 8:42pm by Leslie Cooperband or Wes Jarrell.
Farm News
Apricot trees in bloom
The apricots bloomed this week--maybe this will be the year we actually get some fruit!
This week
, we started weaning our oldest crop of kids. It's hard to believe they are already six weeks old, eating lots of grain and hay and weighing over 20 pounds!! They still behave like kids, though, and the little ones are still there to remind me of how small they are when they're born.  You can come visit them this Saturday and every Saturday morning through the end of April during our Open House--9AM to 12 Noon.
For those of you who have signed up for our Community Supported Goat (CSG) Program, I wanted to let you know that those folks who haven't received their certificate of support (with a picture of your goat) and an organic cotton CSG T-shirt, don't despair. I will be sending those out next week. Things have been a bit hectic here on the farm over the past month or so, and I promise you will "get your goat" very soon.  All CSG members will receive their first shipment or delivery of cheese along with an update about your goat in early May. 
Farmers Market Items
This week, we'll have our on-farm sales AND we'll be attending the indoor Green City Market at the Peggy Notebart Nature Museum (Cannon Drive just north of Fullerton). The hours for the indoor Green City Market are 8AM to 1PM. April is "Celebrate Cheese" month at the Green City Market, so be sure to stop by and patronize all the cheese vendors on Saturday April 10th and April 24th. There will be chef demos crafting recipes with cheeses from several of the cheese vendors at the market.
What do we have for you this Saturday?
  • Chevre (of course)--it's still as light, creamy and lemony as a spring morning
  • Ewe Bloom-we debuted our first batch of Ewe Bloom during our on-farm sales last Saturday, and it was a big hit.  It is tart, a bit yeasty, gooey on the edges and creamy on the inside.  Enjoy with some crusty bread and fruit preserves
  • Moonglo--we made a couple of very late lactation batches of Moonglo in late December, and they are now ripe and ready to enjoy.
  • Huckleberry Blue-very limited quantities of our nutty, raw goat milk blue. 
If you're coming to the farm, Blue Moon Farm will be here with their array of spring greens such as kales, spinach, chard, etc.  Tomahnous Farm will be here too with her eggs (better get here early if you want some, because we're using a lot of them in our breakfasts), gorgeous Swiss Chard, spring onions and Shitake mushrooms.
What's For Breakfast this Saturday
bread from the oven
  • Tomahnous Farm egg and chard strada made with Alisa's homemade wholewheat bread
  • House made buttermilk buscuits and gravy with Triple S Farm sausage
  • Jarrell family walnut strusel coffee cake
  • Meyer lemon-poppy seed coffee cake
  • Mexican style goat milk hot chocolate
  • Fair Trade Coffee
Breakfast, as always, is  first-come-first-served-NO RESERVATIONS REQUIRED-from 9AM to 12 noon.
The weather should be gorgeous on Saturday. We look forward to seeing you.