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Ewe Bloom "The Centerfold" Cheese

Posted 9/4/2009 10:31am by Leslie Cooperband or Wes Jarrell.

Ewe Bloom

from Prairie Fruits Farm, in Champaign, Illinois

We've hit the big time with Ewe Bloom Herbal. It is the Centerfold cheese in the latest issue of Culture Magazine, a relatively new magazine dedicated to the appreciation of cheese, artisan cheese makers and cheese enthusiasts.  You can purchase the magazine at most bookstores  or check out their website: www.culturecheesemag.com
For those of you familiar with our cheeses, Ewe Bloom is the soft ripened sheep milk cheese we make in squares or triangles. We've put an herbal spin on this cheese by placing dried sage, parsley and lavender flowerrs from our garden on the rind as the cheese is aging.   It is the same creamy gooey Ewe Bloom with a burst of herbs and flowers on the pallet-YUM!
This week we are attending three farmers' markets: Urbana, Green City Market and Oak Park.  Given the holiday weekend, it is the perfect time to patronize your farmers' markets, buy some of those peak flavor tomatoes and basil, pick up an artisan bread and then stroll on over to our stand to purchase some cheeses to put on top of your tomato and basil sandwich.  It's a combination that is hard to beat this time of year.  The goats and sheep are entering late lactation, so their milk is being to change--more butterfat--makes for more rich cheese...
In addition to the Ewe Bloom, we will have:
  • Fresh chevre--plain, herbs de Provence and cracked black peppercorn
  • Little Bloom on the Prairie
  • Angel Food
  • a few Krotovina--half sheep, half goat with an ash layer through the center
  • Moonglo-raw goat milk tomme with a pear tea wash on the rind
  • Roxanne--our raw sheep milk brebis style cheese
I know that many of you have been waiting patiently for the end-of-the-month goat milk ricotta. I am sorry to report that we don't have any this weekend. We experimented with a new recipe that didn't work.  We will make it again for the end of September.