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Baby it's cold outside, Holiday Markets and "The Real Stand" farm shop

Posted 12/8/2017 12:42pm by Leslie Cooperband or Wes Jarrell.

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Farm News

The season is, at last, behaving like “the season.”  The verdant warmth of last week has been usurped by frigid gusts.  Opening the door to let the dogs out in the morning shocks my naked toes. The mid-day sun tries to confer its warmth on any exposed flesh, but the winds whisk it away immediately.  We’re back to slow drip faucets in the barns at night (to prevent the pipes from freezing) and extra layers of fresh straw to keep the goats cozy at night.  

The evening milking requires even more coercing than normal for this time of year.  The promise of grain just doesn’t cut it.  Soon, we will go to once-a-day milking, to hasten the inevitable end of their lactation.  Many of the does have already taken matters into their own hands (well, hooves), and decided that their milking season is over. Most of them are bred based on the amount of buck lounging we’re seeing in the breeding pens.  The goats are really good at telling us when it’s time for rest. 

Holiday Market News

We’re attending Urbana’s “Market in the Square this Saturday (December 9th).  We will be there from 8 AM to 12 noon (even though the market goes until 1:00). Although our cheese repertoire has diminished, we still have enough variety to make a wonderful cheese board to serve yourselves or any holiday guests:

  • Fresh chevre: plain, herbs de Provence, cracked pepper-better stock up now for the winter—you can freeze our chevre and enjoy it throughout the winter
  • Angel Food:  our little “crottin” style bloomy rind; small enough to eat in one sitting; great warmed with a drizzle of honey; perfect for holiday entertaining.
  • Magia Negra: our nod to a Manchego style cheese, sharp nutty notes with hints of tart berries. Rind is rubbed with an olive oil-black currant & aronia berry paste. Try shaving it over roasted root vegetables or a hearty winter stew
  • Moonglo: our raw-milk tomme-style cheese, aged for about 4 months.  Semi-firm texture, fruity and sharp flavor notes.  Make yourselves a “fancy” grilled cheese with Moonglo and our onion jam. 

Gelato Pint Flavors: Our gelato flavors are the perfect accompaniment to your holiday sweets and desserts! Buy three pints and get a discount: 

  • Vanilla
  • Chocolate
  • Salted Caramel
  • Masala Chai Tea (limited)
  • Fruitti di Bosco (limited)
  • Local Ginger
  • Peaches & Cream
  • Hazelnut
  • Lemon Verbena  

Farm Happenings-The Real Stand

This beautiful watercolor by Cynthia Winter (one of our farm patrons) has been turned into a note card, available for purchase at our farm store, The Real Stand.

The farm is OPEN—weekends, 1-4 pm now through December 17th.  The Real Stand is stocked to the brim with sustainably-raised farm products and local artisan crafts.  We have cheese, gelato, lots of pickled veggies, jams, meats, sausages, eggs, etc. In addition to the unique and beautiful gifts you’ll find, we are also selling holiday wreaths by Delight Flower Farm

Back by popular demand—SATURDAY, DECEMBER 9TH—THE GOAT PHOTO BOOTH!   Bring your friends and family to the farm and take your holiday pictures with our santa and elf goats.  They might try to nibble on your hair or hats, but we’ll keep them distracted with goat treats.  We know it will be cold tomorrow, so dress warmly. The photo booths (we have two stations) will be set up inside our kid barn, out of the wind, so you should be nice and toasty. We will also have warm “glugg” (mulled fortified wine) and hot tea, espresso drinks and fresh doughnuts from Lucky Pierre Bakers

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 10TH—BEAT THE CROWDS (farm and The Real Stand are open 1-4 pm)—come out to the farm, visit with the goats and then come inside the shop to warm up. Enjoy an espresso or affogato (gelato + espresso) or a warming cup of glugg. Sunday special: buy one Angel Food (mini-brie), get another at 50% off!!! 

Bane Family Meats is now offering Holiday Gift Baskets! Each basket is made to order. Choose from eggs, pork (bacon, sausage, chops, roasts, ground pork), beef (steaks, roasts, ground beef), and/or lamb (chops, steaks, roasts, ground lamb). Prairie Fruits Farm will even include a container of fresh chevre if you like.  Call or email for ideas and prices at DavidPBane@aol.com  or 217-722-2188. Happy Holidays!

2018 Cheese and Gelato CSA sign-up We are working out the details and logistics for next year’s CSA. We will be in touch once we’re ready for early-bird sign ups. Stay tuned.   

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